Tristelâ„¢ DUO Disinfectant 250mL Pump Btl 6 btl/bx

 Mfg Tristel USA via Parker Laboratories

Tristel™  DUO Disinfectant 250mL Pump Bottle  6 Btl/box 

Tristel DUO is a chlorine dioxide (ClO2) foam for the disinfection of non-invasive ultrasound transducers, transducer holders, cables, keyboards, and ultrasound stations.

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Product Details


  • 8.46 Fl Oz ( 250mL) Pump Bottle 
  • Six bottles per box
  • Alcohol- and bleach-free cleaner and disinfectant 
  • Tristel DUO is delivered in a novel dosing bottle
  • Tristel DUO Part A (sodium chlorite)
  • Tristel DUO Part B (citric acid)
  • Dispensed to generate 320ppm chlorine dioxide
  • Effective in a maximum contact time of 2 minutes
  • 2 year shelf life


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